Updated Site!

Look how beautiful! The website is new and improved thanks to the very talented Cindy Wyckoff with DesignItDigital! I am in love with it.

So, I have been relatively “out of the loop” for some time now. I apologize. I get too caught up in life sometimes it pulls be away from everything. Let me update you on my plans for this month.

I will be recording some new music! Aren’t you so excited?! I am excited. I haven’t had new recorded stuff for a while now. What really makes me feel dumb is that I haven’t recorded in a long time but I have a boyfriend with a professional studio. Duh, Bri. Like I said, I get caught up.

Well, this month I will be recording some Christmas tracks as well as some non Christmas tracks. Be excited! Because the songs are going to be awesome. I have some wonderful musicians lined up. My only hurdle is that I’m sick. Sick! Just when I decide I’m going to record my throat has a spasm and suddenly I sound like a man. Singing above a bass line is out of the question. Do not fret, though, because I am using this time to heal and get all of the music worked out. As soon as I’m healthy, I’ll be laying my voice down on those tracks for you.

So, be prepared and send me all the ‘healthy vibes’ you got, ‘cus I need ’em.

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